WIP: F(o)unding a Growth Working Group

Proposal: Growth Working Group


What is proposed?
The funding of Growth Working Group for 3 months ending on August 16, 2021

What is the core problem(s) this proposal wants to solve?

  • ARCx is rightly tied up in technical/formal v3 launch, but there is foundational work to lay in cementing ARCx brand and securing partnerships to amplify this launch
  • ARCx has many opportunities for new DeFi partnerships (beyond collateralizing untapped assets)
  • ARCx is maturing its product-market fit, where growth/marketing is an equal weighted component to secure product success (see AMMs with Bancor vs Uniswap)
  • DeFi crypto moves fast and many small- or medium-sized growth initiatives that seem insignificant, provide exponential dividends for early involvement; ARCx needs a small, dynamic team to address and grow in response to these fast-moving opportunities

Why is this worth addressing today? This is important to address today because:

  • ARCx v3 ‘Sapphire’ is imminent
  • ARCx ‘DeFi passport’ is novel and should become a staple of DeFi lending and/or risk-adjustment
  • ARCx unique lending collateral opportunities are not enough to solely rely on for organic growth

How will this proposal address it?

  • Product marketing -
    • paid/sponsorship
    • viral (referral, tags, contests)
  • Acquisition of new users, hodlers, and DAO members/voters
  • Conversions (social impression → user) and/or organic growth
  • Defi partnerships (co-marketing, technical integrations)
  • Weekly meetings, continuous task tracking, and semi-weekly progress checkpoints

What impact will this project have?

  • ARCx official and non-official social presence
    • number of impressions, mentions
    • Multi-platform presence (twitter, youtube, tiktok)
  • Assets-under-management (AUM)
  • Unique, governance-involved hodlers of ARCx DAO token
  • Symbiotic partnerships with other DeFi projects/wallets/DAOs
  • Additional key-performance-indicators (KPIs) to consider:
    • ‘Customer’ acquisition cost (CAC)
    • Lifetime value (LTV)
    • Average C-value of new or aggregate users of ARCx lending
    • DEX liquidity
    • CEX listings
    • Non-Incentivized retention

Working Group Committee

  • Co-Lead: monadnoc (Jordan): @monadnoc
  • Co-Lead: kengee: @kengee
  • Additional co-lead or primary lead (with marketing credentials/track-record) please contact @mondanoc before May 9, 2021

Request for funding

Proposed Budget:

  • $50,000 (~50,000 ARCX after AIP-2 split implementation) for project implementation

Use of Funds: [why is that budget needed?]

  • Aim for $1,000 standard allocation for any new initiative, up to $2000 extra if initiative requires it
  • $250 bounty for any community member that acts as a directly responsible individual (DRI, see below) for a new initiative (committee members not eligible)
  • $5,000 (10% of funds) are discretionary for committee to apply (to enable timeliness, adaptivity, and dynamic nature of working group initiatives)

Organization - How will it work?

Timeline (could be moved up a week, but leaving it here ~two weeks out for community to digest and provide input):

  • First meeting: May 16th
  • First initiatives grant funding by: May 23
  • Final meeting: Aug 16th

The members of the GWG are, at minimum: two (2) ARCx DAO community members, and one (1) ARCx core team member

What will GWG do?

The growth working group (GWG) is meant to evaluate and prioritize growth initiatives over the three months. Sub-roles (meeting chair, funds admin, task board master) will be ad hoc and impermanent to improve dynamic nature of GWG. More concretely:

  • The GWG will allocate resources to current growth initiatives and solicit new ones from the community.
    • If there are not enough new growth initiatives proposed by community, GWG committee may originate its own proposals
  • The GWG will monitor and summarize quantitative data regarding growth initiatives it funds
  • Each week, GWG will meet to review:
    • Idea generation for new initiatives
    • Old Initiative evaluation/updates, including data analysis where possible
    • New initiative evaluation
    • Initiative prioritization to move forward old initiatives or implement new ones

New initiatives will be solicited on a rolling basis. The GWG will evaluate all proposals on the following criteria (modified from INDEX Coop’s GWG II):

  • Impact (subjective): What scale of impact could this experiment have?
  • Confidence (subjective): How confident are we that the experiment will be effective?
  • Effort (subjective): What amount of effort/resources will it take to run this experiment?
  • Measurable (objective): Are the impacts of this experiment measurable?
  • Personal accountability (objective): Every proposal must have a DRI (directly responsible individual) who submits it and takes responsibility for its execution. The DRI may receive a $250 bounty for successfully implementing an initiative

How will GWG interface with the community?

Weekly (open) meetings on discord

Open view of kanban/task board

GWG will release monthly digest on initiatives, including:

  • Summary of funds spent
  • Updates on funded initiatives


The GWG is committed to serving the entire ARCx DAO with its work.
This proposal is meant to embody the maxim: “Ask not what your DAO can do for you — ask what you can do for your DAO”


Thank you for putting this together Mona - very well thought out!

Have just sent you a PM on Discord :slight_smile:

Great thoughts! I fully support this.

This is incredibly thought out and amazing to see the initiative here. I’d love to setup a call with Jordan, Kengree and anyone else who would be interested in being a part of this! Let’s figure out a common global-friendly time here :slight_smile:

Don’t think there’ much to be said but echo others’ sentiments about this being dope as … super professional … and seems to me that this type of work is right up your ally … and not your first rodeo.

More than happy to chip in and do my bit … as best I can.

Will DM on Discord about getting a discussion going with Kerman / team about finding a time that suits all so that we can start digging deeper :metal: :sunglasses:

Incredibly well thought out proposal @monadnoc. I’m keen to help out however I can.

great proposal. looking foward to seeing how it goes.

I love this, amazing stuff guys! Super excited for the future of our community! :fire:

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Glad for all of the support and enthusiasm!

I’m delaying the timeline a bit here to wait for v3 release–until then, additional comments brainstorming partnerships and marketing/growth initiatives would be much appreciated.

Previously, have listed (with no specific priority):

  • Gitcoin grants for specific data analytics
  • Best onboarding video of v3 on Youtube
  • Impression mining on Twitter (ex index coop impression mining )
  • Rewards in ARCx for involvement in governance (ex token split, using rabbithole.gg for ex.)
  • Best video explainer or demo of v3 on TikTok
  • Meme contest
  • Partnerships and onboarding those established communities,
  • Ads on things like Etherscan etc.,
  • TG/Discord etc. AMAs,
  • Podcast interviews

One opinion I would specifically share is that my intuition is to veto paying crypto influencers with any of these funds; trying to focus on grass-roots growth and engagement, not just ‘shill campaign’

Welcoming additional suggestions and comments on prioritizing or de-prioritizing any of the above.