SOCKS -- amplify impact with defi/degen community

Thesis: hypothicating SOCKS could be more valuable for exposure for ARCX than its market cap or number of holders otherwise seems:

Contract address on etherscan
Holders: 1,368 :yawning_face:
Key crypto twitter influencers who will likely post anything $SOCKS related: @mikedemarais
Timing this with release of defi credit score amplify eyes and impressions (what’s the defi credit score of someone like @ mikedemarais?)

Comment on stability: NFT prices seem to have found local bottom, generally consolidating, and SOCKS is deflationary.

Key question: is it worth the time for devs?

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This is MASSIVE idea :exploding_head:. this can be a good test for DEFI PASSPORT and also amazing MARKETING.

Defs love the idea and the kind of engagement it could bring. That being said the current focus in terms of dev resources is to go all in on v3. Let’s keep this tab open since I think SOCKs is the closest thing to venturing into collateralising NFTs.

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