Introducing the ARCx DAO Bounties Programme

Further to the post by @monadoc regarding Funding a Growth Working Group I thought it would be prudent to map out how bounties could be introduced to reward ARCx DAO members for contributions which meaningfully further the goals of the DAO.


At this stage of the project, with the recent announcement of V3 Sapphire and the introduction of the “DeFi passport” it’s important to outline certain goals to work towards in the coming months. These are currently:

-Increase awareness of the ARCx flagship product the “DeFi Passport”.

-Increase the distribution of the ARCx governance token.

ARCx Improvement Proposal 1 (AIP-1) provided community-building funds. Raising awareness through marketing is key to maintain momentum in the build up to the release of the first batch of passports.

Increasing $ARCX distribution makes (1) the governance process more decentralized, legitimate, and rigorous and (2) increases an individual’s sense of involvement and willingness to evangelize and contribute to the long term vision of ARCx.

Reward Distribution (‘Bounties’)

Rewards in $ARCX should be delivered quickly, transparently, and iteratively. A separate #bounties channel will be created in the Discord to interact with the GWG, propose bounties for new work, and comment on progress for past or ongoing initiatives.

Beginning this week (June 7th, 2021) and continuing monthly, the ARCx Team will discuss with GWG contributors to collate any ARCX bounties that should be included in the upcoming reward distribution.

GWG will act as ‘bounty creators’: listing any work that was done, the bounty amount, and the reward recipient address given to them by the contributor.

All paid bounties will be listed in the rewards distribution document posted at the end of the month for the community to see.

What Is a Bounty?

When deciding to create a bounty, eligible bounty creators should ask themselves how the proposed work might help the ARCx DAO achieve its current goals.

A bounty is not:

  • For community members to leverage rewards for work already completed.
  • For frivolous work that has no link to the DAO’s stated goals.
  • To be posted simply because someone has requested it.

A bounty is:

  • For rewarding contributions without (a) requiring tying up the too much of the ARCx team to sign off on or (b) flooding the snapshot voting system for DAO-wide approval
  • A flexible & agile reward system.
  • A gateway for new community members to begin contributing to the DAO with a clear image of the project’s immediate needs.

Creating a Bounty

To create a bounty an ARCx WG member should do the following:

  1. Openly (public) message on Discord or the Forum (for a longer-term bounty) to propose the work
  2. Publicly discuss amount of ARCX needed for this bounty

From here:

  1. A member of the GWG will create an entry in this public document sharing the open call for work
  2. The entry should describe an overview of the work, the deliverables, and the reward quantity.
  3. Post a message in the #bounties channel, notifying users a new bounty has been posted.

Bounties will be claimed or emitted to the parties responsible for completing the work via a designated contract or an interaction with the core team or (if pre-allocated) with the GWG.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes over bounties require a defined structure, even if a dispute never materializes. Some dispute examples are:

  1. A contribution is deemed insufficient by the bounty creator, and the contributor does not agree.
  2. Two contributors submit work for the same bounty. Only one can be paid.

In these cases the ARCx Team will attempt to apply principles of fairness, openness, and flexibility to find resolutions that will leave all parties happy. However, in general it will be up to the GWG member or team who created the scope for the bounty to determine who ultimately receives the reward for their bounty posting.

All paid bounties will be published at the end-of-month reward distribution report. Any members found to be engaged in any self-dealing, dishonest or otherwise corrupt behavior involving bounties may have their standing as ARCX recipients negatively impacted.

Example Bounty Lifecycle

  1. Alice is a GWG contributor to the ARCx DAO. She is putting together a quarterly report on ARCx’s social presence.
  2. Alice would like some infographics to present data in a more exciting way, but she is not a designer.
  3. Alice has been granted 1000 ARCX tokens that she may allocate to bounties this month.
  4. Alice describes her task, the deliverables (2 infographics), and the reward size (500 ARCX) on the public bounties page. Alice also posts in the #bounties channel to let users know her bounty is up.
  5. Bob is a graphic designer interested in contributing to the ARCx DAO.
  6. Bob sees Alice’s bounty and gets to work designing the requested infographics.
  7. Bob submits the bounty to Alice, who finds the work acceptable.
  8. Alice marks the bounty as claimed and gets Bob’s payment address for reward payment.
  9. Alice still has 500 ARCX that she may allocate to ARCx DAO work before the end of the month.
  10. At the end of the month, the ARCx Team reaches out to all GWG contributors to collate any ARCx bounties that should be included in the upcoming reward distribution.
  11. Alice recommends that Bob be allocated 500 ARCX tokens for his work on infographics.
  12. The ARCx Team consents and Bob’s address is allocated 500 ARCX tokens in the next published reward distribution contract.
  13. The monthly reward distribution doc is published with a list of all bounties paid for public audit.

I’m in support of this proposal. It seems like a great way to get more members of the community involved and allow people to contribute their talents to the project. IMO the most valuable component could be lowering the barrier to entry for new project contributors.

How do longer term bounties work? In a case where the bounty is more time intensive and takes over a month, how would rewards be handled (since we probably want to avoid having >1 person competing for the same bounty if it’s time intensive)?

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Strongly in support of bootstrapping working group efforts into the bounty program!

I believe longer term projects could be done on a case-by-case basis via their own funding stream, as needed. I’m hoping the bounty program can be laser-focused and provide small bounties with clear, short objectives to avoid dispute

Anyone working on a bounty should be contacting the person who posted the bounty first. The person posting/in charge of the bounty shouldn’t be authorizing multiple people to go after the same bounty at the same time. Once we start filling out that example worksheet in the original post, who to contact and who is already assigned to get a bounty should be obvious.


This is resource well spent. I really like the structure and the clarity around what constitutes a bounty. It makes complete sense to me. Completely support this AIP!

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