Hiring Template Preface (About/Mission/Values)

Hey all! We’re going to be picking up on hiring and would love to get everyone here’s feedback on our template for helping find the right talent. This is the template that will preface the actual job description itself. For context, we’re hiring for a UI engineer and a Backend engineer. The posting will be made public soon.

We’re currently building out an incredible engineering team at ARCx, and we’re looking for our next few key people to help us build on-chain reputation.

About Us

Our mission is to build the first on-chain reputation protocol, allowing users to unlock benefits through their on-chain behaviour in DeFi. We achieve this through processing large amounts of data that gets scored through algorithms and uploaded to a user’s DeFi Passport. We have two products that we are building out with one product team for each product.

You’ll undoubtedly be wearing hats while working alongside incredibly talented and driven individuals, fully remotely. We’ve raised over $8m to date from some of the industry’s top investors and are a team of 6 full-time members and another 6 contractors/contributors/part-timers.

  1. DeFi Passport: This is the product that allows users to access benefits on-chain through analysing their behaviour. We also allow 3rd party developers to use our infrastructure to create their own scores.

  2. ARCUSD: This is our credit scoring technology coupled with our loan issuance platform that allows users to borrow more through their borrowing behaviour. We focus on this since we believe that credit is the killer application of reputation.


Culture is extremely important to us and not just in a corporate-speak way. The kinds of people that thrive at ARCx have the following traits:

  1. They love what they do and don’t view this as another job, rather an extension of their life’s work
  2. They are extremely good at what they do through demonstrated past experience and execution ability
  3. They care about the people around them and want to spend time developing and maintaining good relationships all around

Excited to hear what you all think :slight_smile: