Defining the ARCx Score


  • We are introducing custom scores in addition to the credit score to enable a broader functionality of the passport with other protocols.
  • Custom scores allow for things such as more yield to loyal community members or more voting power if you are an engaged token holder.
  • Our tech is ready to go and what better custom score than with a native ARCx Score.

What is the ARCx score?

  • ARCx Score is something akin to a loyalty score & governance score which can be incorporated into the protocol to provide benefits.
  • ARCx Score will enable a user specific attribute which unlocks benefits to be defined as the protocol develops.

ARCx Score factors being considered

Below is a list of factors which comprise the ARCx score which are being considered:

Description Score Impact
verified for KYF1 +50
verified for KYF2 +50
staked stARCX +100
claimed new ARCx token +100
transferred to exchange -50
applied for passport +50
claimed ARCx passport +50
farmed in any previous farms +100
Bought ARCx in the last month +50


  • A richer community. An ARCX Score will ensure that we are embedding our collective values into how the protocol rewards and gives influence for a more equitable distribution of community resources.
  • Practicing what we preach. As we embed custom scoring into our own protocol, we will develop insights, conviction, and evangelism which will help us demonstrate value to other protocols and have the passport more widely integrated.

Discussion topic

  1. Do you like this idea?
  2. Should any factors be added, removed and/or altered? Why?

The score and be updated and alterted as things develop. What we decide is not set in stone.


Like it! As mentioned in the Working Group meeting, we should attempt at incorporating governance participation (voting on AIPs) by acquiring Snapshot history.

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I like the idea as well! +1 for @acedabook’s input. I would even add things like:

  • If user had the old ARCx token before the new one was released
  • If user held the token for a long period
  • If user borrowed STABLEx and/or LINKUSD
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we’ve done some technical evaluation and decided to incorporate snapshot metrics into the ARCx Score!

I’m also going to reduce the deduction to -30 for swaps to ETH!

I think there will be some complexity in the fact that tokens can be aquired from exchanges. This will initally focus on our core crypto native users and we can push itterative updates as required.

@gtupak - I will also work these points in and share the updated score shortly :slight_smile:

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If this is for governance purposes, how about including:

  • +50 if you voted in a previous proposal
  • +100 if you participated in the forum discussions

So far, all the metrics are about participation, nothing about governance… So an early (silent) farmer would have more power than someone actively participating in the protocol governance.

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That’s interesting, I like that! But how would you link a user in the forum to an eth address?

There are several bots on Discord that can do that in an anonymous way. is one of them.

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thanks for this, we’re now supporting snapshot data in the score - will explore some of these options for forum at some stage as more use cases appear for this. keeping things anonymous is key

have also removed negative scores entirely

Could we do it for the forums somehow?