Culture and Community Building for ARCx

During yesterday’s ARCx contributor orientation, a discussion about the importance of community and culture lead us to a brief anecdotal sharing and brainstorming session. ARCx is an incredible concept and has a tremendous amount of value long term, but in the short term, the team is small and it’s up to the community to help.

One way a community helps improve a project’s perceived size and strength is through building a unique and organic culture. Some examples of this are the Link Marines, memelords and key contributors to projects across the DeFi and blockchain space, and a recent phenomenon are the (3,3) Ohmies from OlympusDAO who have the strongest hands and biggest brains (it seems) in DeFi.

ARCx could appear bigger and more powerful with a unified brand and culture. The most basic implementation idea could be to add the ARCx arc ( ノ) to our Twitter and Discord handles.

Another idea would be to create new nomenclature for future farms for Passport holders - e.g. names of starts since every passport requires staked ARCX (STARCx).

Let’s assemble some low hanging fruit ideas here and begin the hype and community building ahead of DeFi Passport v1 launch. The goals will be to increase Discord members and participation, fill up the Passport waitlist, and crowdsource the power of the community.


Copypasta from the forum

Adding to the arc ( ノ) after thinking about this symbol more - if the Arc shows possession, we could infer ‘ownership.’ ARCx DeFi Passport let’s you own your reputation and identity from your behavior on chain. It doesn’t rely on metrics that are often out of one’s control - education, family history/net worth, public persona and connections to privileged opportunities. it also implies it shouldn’t matter how much you currently have, rather that you own and are accountable for your reputation based on your positive contribution versus vampire squid history. the DeFi Passport levels the playing field and lets you take control of your future by ‘owning’ your reputation

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This is a fantastic point- I am prompted to reflect: what culture will form as an emergent property of our combined behaviours?

I love how you value the cultural artifacts that emerge in the form of symbols and jargon - and how successful protocols develop their own ‘Lore’. It is a very magical feeling as it develops.

Something that I value and want to cultivate is an open space for ideas to flow enthusiastically.

The ability for anyone to have an impact through their ideas, and a safe place for wild ideas to be shared and celebrated. Over time I want to facilitate a way for the best ideas to be taken on and manifested into product – with full credit/ kudos and reward to the one who envisaged it!

I feel as though this positive feedback loop will encourage further contribution by the community as it becomes established that this is a place where an idea will be taken on board and turned into reality.

To actualise this dynamic I am keen to host an “Idea Storm” which is like a more open AMA where people can ask questions, but also give their ideas which will be aggregated and upvoted here: ARCx Ideas | ARCX

I am also going to begin to explore discord integration with the Canny. To surface into the engineering team as thoughts come up in the chats.

Perhaps something as simple as “?idea title comment link” to send to canny :thinking:

tldr; I will take conscious steps to cultivate and attract a community of people who enthusiastically share and celebrate ideas with one another and processes where the highest value ideas can be manifested.


Looking forward to this Idea storm sesh - and agree that inclusivity/safe/open place where no insane thought is discarded should be paramount to the culture. That’s really what draws so many people to Ethereum and is a shared ethos in the emergent DAO structures.