ARCx staking after receiving Passport

I now have an ARCx Passport but when I go into stake my ARCx it keeps telling me " An error occurred during staking". I’ve tried it a few days now but I keep getting the same message. Seems fairly simple but I can’t get it to stake. Anyone else have this issue? Resolve?

Hi, it should be fixed now. Can you try again?

There was a problem with staking with signature (to avoid having to pay for two transactions). Until we get to the bottom of it, we reverted back to the classic approve and stake method temporarily.

I had the same problem with the 1 step signing flow last week, but it worked yesterday for me with the two step flow.

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Same issue guys

Thanks for the responses. I was able to stake my ARCx!

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A hotfix should be deployed sometime today that should fix the problem.