Please refer to the following link for full context: AIP-1: The ARCx DAO - ARCx


  • For: Yes, approve the initial budget
  • Against: No, decline the initial budget
  • Poll: Snapshot

Will be voting YES on this. The funding seems carefully thought out and at this early stage of the project I feel the team should maintain a lot of control over the operations and expenditures.

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We are in support of this and have voted. The breakdown of funds seems reasonable, however potentially a little low.

Also, we would have expected there to be a budget for marketing and growth related activities.

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What would you recommend in terms of activities for marketing/growth specifically? We have a bunch lined up for v3 but want to see if we’re missing anything.

What would you recommend in terms of activities for marketing/growth specifically? We have a bunch lined up for v3 but want to see if we’re missing anything.

Chiming in, in no particular order:

  • Gitcoin grants for specific data analytics
  • Best onboarding video of v3 on Youtube
  • Impression mining on Twitter (ex index coop impression mining )
  • Rewards in ARCx for voting on a specific proposal (ex token split, using for ex.)
  • Best video explainer or demo of v3 on TikTok
  • Meme contest

To add to this list:

  1. Partnerships and onboarding those established communities,
  2. Adds on things like Etherscan etc.,
  3. TG/Discord etc. AMAs,
  4. Podcasts,

Just need to be sure you’re getting value for money :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:

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Hey all! Simon from Index Coop here - I’ve been a huge fan of the project for ages and I am stoked to see the DAO get up and running. We’ve had a ton of success with small working groups doing things like BD and Marketing. IMHO these groups are a huge value add and really help push the envelope.

Here are two of the posts from our forums laying the structure out

They scale really well too. A few community members stepped up to lead Index’s first working group, and then that working group spun several more off.


There’s some really amazing energy here and appreciate @BigSky jumping in and providing us some of the playbooks that Index Coop has used! We’re looking to announce v3 next week but I’d love to figure out who here would be down to part of the first working group? Ideally would like to keep it small and with people who really want to help push things forward. I’ll spend some time this week proposing a structure (unless someone else wants to do this in parallel as well)!

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I’m interested, analytics (dune, covalent) or marketing (growth); about to quit my day job with this bull market :rofl:
Reading through WG template above, a couple notes:

  • common key performance indicators (KPI) seem to be social listening/counting and AUM; having trouble envisioning more relevant ones without fuller view of sapphire
  • kanban board for tasks organization or…?
  • weekly open meetings via discord or…? CDT time here :wave:
    • 6pm CDT=9am AEST (dev/core team in Australia?)=11PM UTC possible or
    • 8am/11pm/1pm CDT/AEST/UTC is my personal preference, but may be prohibitive to PST

@kerman I could draft a growth working group based on COOP’s [TEMPLATE] Working Group Proposal - Google Docs before Sunday 5/2 if others are interested (@kengee, you in?) and you’re busy with sapphire launch…but as I’m hinting above with KPIs, could be your insight into sapphire features and integrations would offer a better proposal structure in several weeks time than mine looking dusty as soon as you pull the sheet off sapphire


Quitting your job … mega top signal … time to sell :joy: :joy: … jk :pray:

Sorry, I missed this … bandwidth has been super low, as I’ve been travelling.

All that said, am liking your idea. Have you received any feedback?

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