AGA 1 July Report

Hey everyone, my name is Ben, and I am part of the Llama team (along with @schlabach , @HelloShreyas) that is managing the ARCx Growth Allocation 1 (AGA1) Fund. We wanted to share a July end-of-month update on our work deploying the fund. All valuation numbers referenced in this post and the report were pulled as of 7/31/21.

The first trades for AGA1 were made on July 21st! We deployed $50k of the original $250k fund, split evenly between purchasing 13.14 stETH @ $1,902 and 98.31 DPI @ $254.30 (see the report for links to transaction details). An additional $25k of the fund is being withheld for tax and legal purposes, so we have $175k remaining to be deployed.

As of July 31st, the cumulative fund holdings were $265k, up 6% in the first 10 days, and up 30% on the $50k in funds that have been deployed (not including the tax and legal withholdings).

We will continue to post monthly updates and are happy to answer any questions or feedback you may have! See below for the full report in jpg form, or here as a PDF.